Valve-regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery Systems

Preventative Maintenance Program

Valve-regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery Systems Preventative Maintenance Program
Description Qtly, Semi-Annual and Annual
Record Battery Make/Model and Date Code Q-S-A
Measure and record battery string current and voltage (metered reading for each battery string) Q-S-A
Measure and record voltage from most positive to ground and from most negative to ground Q-S-A
Measure and record AC ripple current going into battery Q-S-A
Measure and record ambient temperature Q-S-A
Measure and record pilot cell float voltage Q-S-A
Inspect battery, rack, floor, and battery area and clean as necessary (applies to exposed battery jar surface only in absence of corrective maintenance needs) Q-S-A
Clean exposed battery surfaces Q-S-A
Visually Inspect for cracks in cells, leakage, and terminal or rack corrosion Q-S-A
Measure and record the voltage of each cell/unit Q-S-A
Measure and record the internal resistance of each cell/unit S-A
Visually inspect each connection Q-S-A
Measure and record connection resistances A
Re-torque each electrical connection per manufacturers specification (Battery String Must Be 0ff-Line) A
Inspect the integrity of the battery rack ( battery rack frames, brace and tie rods, etc.) A
Confirm and record the presence of safety equipment, product labels as supplied by the mfg., operating manuals, etc. Q-S-A
Review records maintained by customer for periodic log entries Q-S-A
Record date of cleaning and inspection Q-S-A
Provide completed inspection report Q-S-A