Odyssey Battery

Extreme Series for Power & Endurance

Get twice the power as regular batteries! The Extreme Series can double the duty while even operating at low temperatures. These ODYSSEY batteries are built with flat plates made of 99.99% pure lead which allows for thinner more compact design to fit in more capacity.

The ODYSSEY Extreme battery line are designed to last three (3) times as long as conventional batteries. With its rugged design, these AGM batteries have a 8-12 year life and a 3-10 year service life. Designed for endurance, the brass terminals are coated with a high-performance tin alloy.

  • Massive Starting Power
  • Superior Vibration Resistance
  • Long Lasting Design
  • Extreme Temperature Performance
  • Nearly Maintenance-Free


📥 Download the ODYSSEY Battery Extreme Series Product Guide here 📥